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Butoh – Tanz – Workshop

Motimaru Dance Company
everything and nothing
metamorphosing body-mind
module S: sound embodiment

zum Workshop:
Datum: 2. / 3. Dezember 2017
Ort: Tanzraum Warteck, Burgweg 15, Basel
Zeit: Samstag 10.30 – 17.30 (inklusive Mittagspause), Sonntag 13.00 – 19.00
Preis: Earlybird bis 2. November einbezahlt CHF 180.- (Reduktion 150.- Studenten)
nach dem 2. November Normalpreis: CHF 210.- (Reduktion 180.-)
Es wird keine tänzerische Erfahrung vorausgesetzt
Der Workshop findet auf English statt
Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten bei Bedarf vorhanden
Für Fragen und Registration: silvia_studerus@hotmail.com

General description of the workshop:
100'000 years ago, when Homo Sapiens emerged on this planet, the first human art has emerged in the dark cave, where eyes cannot see. What they were seeing with the eyes of the body-mind is the depth of our unconscious. Times change, but this must be a fundamental principle of human art. Our everyday life passes, eating, working, or dancing, within a limited cage, burying rich nature within us. educations, traditions, or even learning dance could mold various forms of cages. Free improvisation could also end up struggling in the same cage. But when we observe forests carefully, so many varieties of forms and qualities of plants, flowers, stones, winds, and sounds astonish us. This workshop is an invitation for diving into the unknown forest of our body-mind, discovering unlimited movements and qualities within us, and transforming the personal journey into universal poems.
Videos from Motimarus workshops:
Form of Soul
About the Module “Sound Embodiment”:
All sounds has its own quality and textures, different humidity, rough or smooth, thin or bold, expanding or shrinking...
And so is our body and mind.
In this module we will explore universe of diverse sounds, perceiving sounds not only with ears but with skins and whole body, not only listening but touching them, embodying their qualities, accordingly unlocking different qualities in the mind.
As a violinist plays different notes, body and mind becomes limitless instrument of the sky and the earth.
About Motimaru:
Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo have their background in performing art, modern dance, martial arts, and butoh. After they studied and worked for 5 years with Yoshito Ohno, son of Kazuo Ohno, they left Japan and started fieldwork research about traditional and ritual dances in Japan, India, Bali, and Tibetan area in Nepal. Out of these experiences, they keep experimenting for authentic dance method beyond any genres, and have been performing and teaching in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 30 cities.
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